Mass Negligence Contributes to Mass Death

Providence Journal


In the wake of another shooting that resulted in mass death. I was relieved to see that not one of our National Senators or Congressmen accepts political contributions from the NRA. I wish I could say the same for our state representatives. Our Speaker of the House has accepted a number of contributions from the NRA and has an A+ rating.

I wonder if there is any link between these contributions and the reason not one bill on protecting citizens from gun violence has been moved out of committee for a vote by the full house.

He doesn't seem to care that in a recent survey that over 80% of Rhode Islanders are in favor of reasonable common sense legislation. What matters to the Speaker of the House, Mattiello, is his donations and rating from the NRA – not the citizens of Rhode Island. Our Speaker should represent our wishes not the wishes of the NRA.

We are all too aware of the destruction and death an automatic weapon can cause: Orlando, Charleston, Sandy Hook, and San Bernardino.  The all powerful Speaker Mattiello could let these bills out of committee for a vote: Domestic Violence: H7283 and S2730, No Guns in Schools: H7243 and S2761 and High Capacity Magazine Ban: H7199 and S2835: These bills will do more than his thoughts and prayers to save lives.

Take care, give care and be present,

Tom Wojick

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