RICAGV Supports Obama’s Executive Orders on Guns

We commend President Obama for his Executive Orders today to better protect Americans from the out of control epidemic of gun violence.

None of what the President ordered adversely affects the rights of Americans to firearms except for criminals or people with mental health issues that are prohibited from possession of a gun.  Private gun dealers and online firearms dealers who presently refuse to obtain a firearm dealer’s license will be required to do so and will now have to perform background checks for every gun they sell.  There will be an improved National Instant Criminal Background System (NCIS) greatly expanding the inclusion of mental health records of prohibited firearms buyers.  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF&E) agents will be added to perform the increased demand for NCIS Background checks.   Firearms purchases by Federal Agencies will be directed to gun manufacturers who invest in “smart gun” technologies and who market their products in an ethical manner.

While the Gun Lobby will undoubtedly issue bombastic claims that the President’s actions violate our 2nd Amendment rights and are a slippery slope to gun confiscation none of that is true.  Over 90% of Americans and a large majority of gun owners support expanding Background Checks for every single gun sale.  Hopefully, these common sense measures will encourage a national debate that will lead to reforms that result in a reduction in the nearly 90 daily gun deaths each day in America.

We thank President Obama for standing up to the Gun Lobby and call on Congress to take meaningful action to protect American lives.

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Statement by RICAGV on San Bernadino Mass Shooting

Providence, Rhode Island – December 3, 2015 – Another day in America and another mass shooting.  This time, more than 30 victims with at least 14 dead  at the Inland Regional Center, a facility for people with developmental disabilities in San Bernadino, CA.  Our thoughts are with the families of the dead and injured.

 A complicit Congress, whose re-election campaign skids are greased by contributions funneled to the National Rifle Association by the gun industry is drowning in the blood of Americans.  While the gun industry laughs on its way to the bank, the families and friends of the victims cry on their way to the cemeteries.  Too long have we been quiet in the face of the NRA's hysterical fear-mongering to whip up gun sales.  Too long have we accepted Congress’s failure to enact laws that will save lives.  Too long have we been condemned  to a daily onslaught of gun violence, that kills and injures nearly 120,000 Americans every year.

 Even locally, the Rhode Island legislature has refused to take up legislation banning high capacity magazines over 10 rounds, they have refused to address the fact that guns may now be carried on K-12 School properties in RI, and they have refused to vote on sensible legislation to keep guns from convicted domestic violence abusers.

We can at least do something in Rhode Island.  We urge every Rhode Islander to pick up the phone, pick up a pen or get to your email and call or write your State Senator and State Representative  and tell them to limit the magazine capacity of firearms to 10 rounds, ban concealed carry of firearms at our elementary schools and prohibit convicted domestic violence abusers from possessing firearms.  Oh, and tell them your vote depends on it, because this time aound you are voting on a single issue.  We can start at home and work our way up to Washington because, really, enough is enough.

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