Providence Journal: Tom Wojick: Common sense gun regulation in RI

Common Sense has always been valued in our country. In 1776, Thomas Paine published "Common Sense" to speak plainly to America about the issues of the times. The ability to think, act and make reasonable decisions has always served us well. If only our leaders would apply common sense to the problems we face today.

Rhode Island applied common sense in restricting the number of bullets that a weapon can have for hunting deer and ducks. For deer, you are allowed five bullets per clip, and for ducks, three bullets. This seems reasonable.

But there isn't a limit on the number of bullets in a clip for weapons that anyone can have for his or her private use - weapons that are sometimes used violently. These clips can hold 30 bullets! This doesn't seem to pass the test of common sense. Why would anyone need 30 bullets in one clip?

State representatives Aaron Regunberg, Lauren Carson, Edith Ajello, Art Handy, and Joseph Almeida have sponsored House Bill 7199, which limits the number of bullets in a clip to 10. I would like to congratulate them for applying common sense to an issue that will increase public safety and not restrict the rights of gun owners.

I would think that if Thomas Paine were alive today, he would agree that this bill makes good common sense.

Tom Wojick








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