2019 Petitions to the RI State Legislature

To be presented to: Governor Gina Raimondo, House Speaker Mattiello, House Majority Leader Shekarchi, House Judiciary Chairman Craven; Senate President Ruggiero, Senate Majority Leader McCaffrey, Senate Judiciary Chairwoman Lynch-Prata

Sign now to support 3 common-sense gun safety bills that will provide layers of firearms safety reforms, as recommended by public health and safety experts.

Large Capacity Feeding Device Ban Act
Assault Weapons Ban Act
Safe Schools Act

Sign Petitions Individually

Prohibiting sale and possession of feeding devices holding more then 10 ammunition rounds. Exceptions for law enforcement and military personnel.

Barring the sale and possession of certain miltiary-style assault weapons with more than 10 round capacity. Exceptions apply for law enforcement and military personnel.

Prohibiting firearms possession within 300 feet of school grounds. Exceptions for peace officers, retired law enforcement officers, persons providing school security, firearms on private property and unloaded firearms in containers or locked car racks.