Legislative Agenda 2020:

Supporting Common-Sense Safety Reforms Focused on Public Safety, While Respecting the Second Amendment.

Banning Ghost Guns

Do-It-Yourself firearms exploit loopholes in state and federal gun laws, creating serious public safety risks.

With a ghost gun kit purchased for a few hundred dollars online, anyone can easily build an unregulated firearm in their home, making it:

  • Easy to circumvent background checks for:
    • Felons
    • Domestic abusers
    • Underage purchasers
  • Easy to own untraceable and undetectable guns, which make it difficult:
    • For law enforcement to investigate gun crimes
    • For security in sensitive places, such as airports and government buildings
  • Profitable to sell ghost guns to gangs


“There’s no background check … There’s no waiting period … and I’m going to speak from the heart, it makes no sense.”
RI Senate Judiciary Hearing
January 21, 2020

Col. James Manni

Director, Rhode Island State Police

It is incredulous to me that this could be allowed where you would have the ability to have firearms out there that are undetectable, can bypass metal detectors, have no serial numbers.”

RI Senate Judiciary Hearing
January 21, 2020

Col. Hugh Clements

Chief of Police, Providence Police Department

Regulating High Capacity Magazines

Limiting magazines to 10 rounds provides a chance to escape or fight back in a shooting incident.  

75% of Rhode Islanders support limiting the number of bullets in ammunition magazines to 10. 

A majority of both the RI House and Senate have signed on to respective high capacity magazine bans in 2020. If passed, RI would join with other like-minded states that regulate the capacity of ammunition magazines:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • D.C.
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Vermont


Fact-Based Policies

These legislative goals are based on documentary evidence and recent studies that show these measures reduce gun violence; in addition, public health experts and law enforcement officials in Rhode Island and throughout the country have voiced their support for these reforms to help keep our communities safer.

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