Legislative Agenda

Common Sense Safety Reforms Focused on Public Safety, While Respecting the Second Amendment.

3 Sensible Bills That Will Work Together to Make RI Safer

  • Safe Schools Act – to protect our children, teachers, and school staff by prohibiting firearms on ALL R.I. school grounds
  • Large Capacity Feeding Device Ban – to make it harder for killers to commit mass murder by limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds
  • Assault Weapons Ban – to make RI communities safer by regulating certain military-style assault weapons, joining the states of CT, MA, VT, NY, NJ, MD, CA, HI, and DC

Fact-Based Goals

These legislative goals are based on documentary evidence and recent studies that show these measures reduce gun violence; in addition, public health experts and law enforcement officials in Rhode Island and throughout the country have voiced their support for these reforms to help keep our communities safer.

Safe Schools Act

ONLY peace officers, retired police, or security hired by the school may carry a firearm on school grounds.

Grassroots support grows for bill to limit guns in R.I. schools

R.I. police departments, parents, students, and school districts support legislation to prohibit guns on ALL school grounds.

2017 studies bust the “Good Guy with a Gun” myth with documentary evidence of the shocking gun violence record of CCP holders.

A second 2017 study shows higher gun deaths in states with weak CCP laws.

Large Capacity Feeding Devices

Limiting magazines to 10 rounds provides a chance to escape or fight back in a shooting incident.  

Providence Police Chief Col. Hugh T. Clements and Police Commissioner Steven Pare with former RICAGV President Jerry Blair

The R.I. Police Chiefs Association, most R.I. school districts, and voters support regulating high capacity magazines.

The next mass shooting can happen anywhere – help us keep our communities safer by supporting legislation to ban “any ammunition feeding device capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.”

Assault Weapons

Regulating these weapons is a sensible addition to our package of  safety reform bills. 

7 - JUN 2018 Organized over 100 students in Students Are Not Targets rally in RI House Gallery

Kids demonstrate at the statehouse for legislation to keep them safe in their schools and our communities.

Gun violence drops dramatically when assault weapons are regulated.

RI should adopt this common sense measure that is also in effect in MA, CT, VT, NY, NJ, MD, CA, HI and DC.

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