Legislative Agenda 2021

It’s About Public Safety

While the gun lobby likes to say that these laws would only take away rights from “law-abiding citizens,” the fact is that increasing the accountability of gun owners to safely store their firearms, enforcing stricter rules to reduce straw purchases, and decreasing the number of highly-lethal firearms enhances the safety of all Rhode Islanders.

Magazine Capacity

House Bill 5554 – Sponsored by Rep. Caldwell
Senate Bill 414 – Sponsored by Rep. Goldin

71.5% of Rhode Islanders Support Limited Magazine Capacity to 10 Rounds

The weapon of choice for mass shooters and cop killers, limiting magazines to 10 rounds provides a chance to escape or fight back. RI should join with our neighbors and other like-minded states that regulate the capacity of ammunition magazines.

Learn more about large capacity magazines …

Assault Weapons

House Bill 5556 – Sponsored by Rep. Caldwell
Senate Bill 415 – Sponsored by Sen. Miller

70.5% of Rhode Islanders Support a Ban on Military-Style Assault Weaons

Today’s assault weapons inflict battlefield injuries – no surprise, since the AR-15 was developed for the military and was field tested in Vietnam in 1962; reports indicated that “the very high-velocity AR-15 projectiles” had caused amputation of limbs, massive body wounds, and decapitations.

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School Safety

House Bill 5555 – Sponsored by Rep. Kazarian
Senate Bill 73 – Sponsored by Sen. Ruggerio

43 States Prohibit Concealed Carry in K-12 Public Schools

Why? Because mishaps by “certified” individuals happens with alarming frequency.

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Straw Buyers

House Bill 5386 – Sponsored by Rep. Knight
Senate Bill 416 – Sponsored by Sen. Miller

Cracking Down on Gun Trafficking

To help prevent incidents like the two that occured in Rhode Island in the summer of 2020:

  • The theft of more than 80 guns from a home in RI last summer, which lead to a gun trafficking scheme involving two from RI.
  • Five Rhode Islanders, two who should have failed a NICS check due to previous violent crimes, conspired to buy guys from D&L Shooting Supplies in Warwick and sell them to prohibited persons; two people have already been sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Learn more about straw buyers …

Safe Storage

House Bill 5553 – Sponsored by Rep. Caldwell
Senate Bill 406
– Sponsored by Sen. Seveney

Decreasing the Risk of Tragedy

Reduces suicide, unintentional discharges, and theft by limiting accessibility for unauthorized users. Learn more about the safe firearm storage bill …

Permit Reform

Senate Bill 129 – Sponsored by Sen. Coyne
House Bill 6146 – Sponsored by Rep. Knight

Streamlining the Process

  • Consolidates the authority to issue concealed carry permits with the Office of the Attorney General
  • Requires local police departments cooperate with the Office of the Attorney General

Learn more about permit reform …

The Safe Schools Act is About Public Safety NOT the 2nd Amendment

Help Fight the Pro-Gun Lobby at the State House

Fact-Based Policies

These legislative goals are based on documentary evidence and recent studies that show these measures reduce gun violence; in addition, public health experts and law enforcement officials in Rhode Island and throughout the country have voiced their support for these reforms to help keep our communities safer.

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