Fighting to Reduce Gun Violence in Rhode Island

Our coalition of more than 100 partner organizations includes over 120,000 Rhode Islanders united in the effort to reduce gun violence.

Legislative Agenda

We’re working hard to pass common sense legislation to help keep Rhode Island citizens and law enforcement officers safer.

Safe Schools Act

Keeping kids and teachers safe by prohibiting guns on all school grounds with sensible exceptions.

No Large Capacity Mags

Making it harder for mass killers limiting ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds.

Providence Police Chief and the RI Police Chiefs Association Support Common Sense Gun Safety Legislation

Assault Weapon Regulation

Stepping in where the federal government has failed to regulate military-style assault weapons.

RI students demonstrate to keep guns out of their schools.

Gun Control IS Constitutional

In 2008, District of Columbia v. Heller affirmed:

“the [Second Amendment] right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

Using Heller v. DC, six U.S. Courts of Appeal have REJECTED Second Amendment protection for state assault weapons and/or high capacity magazine bans, most recently in Massachusetts on April 26, 2019!

Rhode Islanders Are Not Fooled By Propaganda

The corporate gun lobby would have everyone believe that even the most sensible gun regulation represents a direct attack on the Second Amendment. Rhode Islanders know better, favoring gun violence reduction laws that are in line with academic and law enforcement recommendations and also respecting Second Amendment rights.


83% In Favor

Restricting guns on all elementary and secondary school grounds except by police, retired police, and resource officers.

Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) holders cannot be counted on to save lives and often put themselves and others in danger when they attempt to confront an active shooter.

  • The large majority of CCP holders do not have specialized “shoot/don’t shoot” training
  • Since 2007 at least 921 non-self defense gun deaths have been caused by CCP holders

75% in Favor

Banning high capacity magazines with more than 10 rounds (the weapon on choice for mass shootings).

Local, state and national law enforcement are strongly against high capacity magazines (HCM), citing increased shootings and deaths being committed by individuals using HCM.

In addition, most of the recent mass shootings used HCMs that allowed the firing hundreds of bullets in minutes, including:

  • Las Vegas concert
  • Orlando night club
  • San Bernardino holiday party
  • Sandy Hook Elementary School

Recent Gun Violence News, Politics, Incidents and Statistics

Recent News About Gun Violence and Safety Reform in R.I. and the U.S.

House Judiciary Committee Members 2019

RI House Judiciary Committee The first step to enacting sensible gun safety reforms in 2019. Enter your address to find your lawmakers. If your lawmakers have Co-Sponsored sensible gun bills, recognize their support with a "thank you" by email or social media, give...

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