Safe Schools Act

This act would provide that only peace officers and persons approved by the school authorities for the purposes of educational instruction may carry firearms or other weapons on school grounds.

Certain exemptions apply, such as for retired police officers and other applicable agencies.

Debunking the “Good Guy with a Gun” Myth

Not only do concealed carry permit holders “accidentally” shoot themselves and others with alarming frequency, a report released by the Violence Policy Center in January 2017 revealed more myth busting data:

  • CCP holders have been responsible for at least 921 death not involving self defense since 2007
  • 147 of these deaths were part of 31 mass shootings (defined by the federal government as three or more victims)
  • The real numbers are likely much higher, due to the lack of comprehensive recordkeeping of fatal incidents involving CCP holders
  • At least 17 law enforcement officers have died at the hands of CCP holders since May 2007.

The latest academic research also contradicts the “good guy” myth; a 2014 Stanford University study of states with CCP laws shows that concealed carry permit laws are linked to an increase in violent crime.

83% of Rhode Islanders support restricting concealed guns on school grounds.

Yet, anyone with a Rhode Island Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) can bring his or her firearm into K-12 schools without the knowledge of police or school officials.

Although GL RI 11-47-60 provides that “No person shall have in his or her possession any firearm or other weapons on school grounds,” in 1990 an exception for people who qualify for concealed carry permits was passed (GL RI 11-47-11, 11-47-9.1).

83% Support Restricting Guns on School Grounds in RI

Overwhelming Support from Law Enforcement and Educational Professionals

The Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association supports this legislation.

Our law enforcement officials know that ONLY trained police and peace officers should be armed in schools, due to the extreme risks inherent in hostage and high-stress “shoot/don’t shoot” situations.

Police officers receive this training. Peace officers receive this training (and are retested annually to reaffirm their proficiency).

Concealed carry permit holders do not receive specialized training and are not subject to yearly retesting.

24 school committees and 8 city and town councils passed resolutions in support of this legislation to keep firearms off of school grounds, including concealed carry permit holders.

In addition, some of Rhode Island’s largest civic, leadership, and educational organizations also passed resolutions, including:

  • R.I. School Superintendents Association
  • R.I. Association of School Principals
  • R.I. Association of School Committees

Accidental Shootings Among Concealed Carry Permit Holders Are Common

It is far more likely that an accident will occur on school grounds with a concealed firearm than any potential “good.” 

March for our lives RI State House Sat. March 24 at 1pm