Testify at Judiciary Committee Hearings

Show Up ~ Sign In ~ Speak Up

We will have professional representatives from education, law enforcement, medical and public health professionals, and clergy testifying and submitting written testimony.

Even if you don’t testify, please come to sign-in and/or submit written testimony.

We are encouraging supporters to get on the record as supporting sensible gun safety reform:

  • Teachers, students, parents
  • Retired police and military
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Survivors of gun violence

Senate Judiciary Hearings

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

RICAGV will be there from 2pm, but the hearings will continue until late in the evening. Come as early and stay as long as you can!

Plenty of Parking

Parking is FREE at the Providence Place Mall garage for the first two hours; $2 for two to five hours.

Street parking is available surrounding the State House for $2.50; quarters or debit/credit cards are accepted.

Afte 3pm parking is free in the RI Administration lot and the RI Dept. of Health, right across the street from the Smith Street entrance to the State House.

Checklist for Testifying at the Rhode Island State House

Source: Common Cause Rhode Island

Before you leave

  • Locate parking and the time and place of the hearing on the Committee Agenda
  • Dress in layers because it will likely be warm
  • Bring snacks, water, a book to read or other portable hobby, and cell phone charger
  • Prepare your testimony—if providing written testimony bring number of copies suggested on the Committee Agenda, plus some extra if the press wants a copy

Before you testify

  • Show up prior to the start of the hearing, typically “At the Rise.”
  • Sign in to testify at the appropriate committee room
  • Provide clerk of the committee with written testimony, if you are submitting

When you testify

  • Wait to be called by the chairperson and only address the bill you have been called for, unless instructed otherwise
  • Make sure the microphone is on
  • Do not read your written testimony verbatim
  • Offer to answer any questions they may have

The Data Points to Guns as the Problem

There is plenty of evidence to debunk the myths about gun violence, thanks to recent court decisions and academic, police and medical/public health research that has been published.


Concealed Carry in Schools

As if being one of only four states wasn’t enough, there is plenty of recent research that makes it clear that LESS guns in schools is the way to make them safer.


High Capacity Magazines

Federal appeals courts across the country have upheld state bans on ammunition magazines that allow shooters to murder and wound dozens in minutes. 


Assault Weapons

Since allowing the federal assault weapon ban to expire in 2004, the number of mass shootings and “active shooter” incidents involving military-style assault weapons has skyrocketed.

We’re Going to Need a Lot of Orange Shirts


Please come to sign your name in support of RICAGV-backed bills and/or to submit written testimony.

The day of last year’s Senate Judiciary hearings 2,200 people went through security scanners at the State House, according to Rhode Island State Police; House hearings had similarly high attendance.

Optics Matter

The enormous attendance will have a big impact, providing:

  • Valuable media coverage
  • Inspiration for others to get involved
  • Validation of remarkable student advocacy